Come in and experience one of these state-of-the-art treatments, created by Germaine de Capuccini, a recognized international leader in skincare.  Using an extensive array of the purest, highest quality, and most effective natural ingredients found in the plant and ocean kingdom these prestigious treatments redefine beauty in skincare and bring superb results.  Maximum respect for the enviornment is applied in research, developement, and the manufacturing process, with no animal testing.

Each facial includes a cleanse, exfoliate, extractions (if needed and desired), mask, and moisturize.  A hand and foot massage is also included with each facial.

Age Defense Facial 1 Hour $85. For aging skin.

Through the action of exotic plant oils and activated isoflavone extracted from soy this treatment is the answer for aging skin. Powerful active ingredients stimulate elastin and collagen synthesis while regulating pigmentation, resulting in a firmer, smoother, hydrated and more youthful appearance.

Hydra System Facial 1 Hour $85. For dry or dehydrated skin.

Through special patented ingredients of “hydra system”, water production in the deeper layers of the skin is increased, while the surface is immediately hydrated.  The skin feels remarkably refreshed, smoothed, soft, and soothed.

So Delicate Facial 1 Hour $85. For sensitive skin.

A carefully selected cocktail of 18 plant extracts and complexes, ceramides and lipids immediately soothe and calm the most delicate or irritated skin while strengthening its defense mechanisms.  Soft aromas and gentle massage restore inner peace and balance.  The skin is deeply nourished, hyrated, and refreshed. This is the solution for fragile or sensitive skin.

Purifying or Balancing Facial 1 Hour $85. For oily or acne skin.

Specially formulated treatments for either oily or acne skin bring a clearer more pure and shine free appearance.  Powerful ingredients target the actual causes of skin with excess oil or imperfections.

Timexpert Lift Facial 90 Minutes $105.

This is an advanced lifting, shaping, firming facial. It addresses the loss of facial volume which makes features sag.  The main active ingredients include Kombucha Extract which stimulates the natural production of collagen fibers and protects them, therefore strengthening the skin’s structure, and Sesame Extract which deeply hydrates and smooths the skin giving it a tautening effect.

Men’s Facial 1 Hour $85.

This facial for men restores the energy and vitality of fatigued skin, eliminates toxins and strengthens defenses against pollution, stress, and the action of free radicals. It provides firmness, elasticity, fights against dryness and the signs of premature aging.

30 Minute Facial $50

This facial is perfect for when you don’t have a lot of time, but want to exfoliate and freshen up your skin.  It will cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize making your skin feel fresh and new.

Add a 30 minute massage to any facial for $35.

Eye Contour Treatment $20 added to any facial.

There is an 8 hour cancellation policy on all appointments, if you do not cancel within the 8 hours you will be charged for your appointment.